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The recorded music business is in the midst of switching to its sixth – and possibly final – audio format. The industry that began with the wax cylinder and moved through vinyl, tapes, CDs and MP3s has now settled on streaming as the future. But the business model around audio visual streaming is far from settled; while the major labels have begun to earn significant revenues from streaming they are doing so once again at the expense of the artists, the mass market has not yet adopted the technology and overall industry revenues are still significantly down from their peak in the early 2000s.

WHAT IS Platform 3?

Platform 3 is a new, exciting and innovative LIVE Broadcasting Service owned and brought to you by Eidynica Ltd. It functions as a service to allow artists and content owners to broadcast their material to a global audience.

Platform 3 is the worlds first ultimate LIVE broadcasting platform, bringing together cross network access of live events including Music concerts, Live Comedy, Festivals, Exhibitions, Motor racing, International conference gatherings and Sporting events as each event takes place directly on the mobile phone. tablet or desktop computer.

Platform 3 is the world’s first customized built solution designed to impact and transform the world of live broadcast while keeping the artist or content owner fully in control of their own media

Platform 3 allows millions of people from around the world to connect with your LIVE broadcast instantly.

Platform 3 offers you the opportunity to reach audiences LIVE for a fraction of the cost of traditional broadcast mediums.

Platform 3 offers viewing alternatives at times when tickets for an event are sold out, you’re not in the country, you have obstructive viewing at the event or you are just simply stuck at work.

With Platform 3, your audience can still be part of the “live” experience without ever having to leave comfortable surrounding’s.

With Platform 3 the artist or content owner is in charge of and never loses ownership of the content.

Why Platform 3?

Our aim is to enable artists, event organizers, promoters, production companies, TV networks, radio stations and venues the scope to maximize audience viewer-ship. No longer is the viewership dependent on the size or location of the venue. No longer does the customer have to wait for an event to be broadcast Live on TV for them to be able to gain access to it.  Now Platform 3 presents the audience with an exciting opportunity to have immediate access to any LIVE event via the mobile phone, tablet or home computer. This gives each event organizer the capacity to launch, operate and generate an additional digital revenue stream, as well as have access to a captive audience and new territory.

Artists, event organizers, venues and any other broadcaster will be able to manage their own content, live feeds and take advantage of Platform 3’s wide range of services, including pay per view (PPV), live and on demand as well as merchandising during and outside of show times.

We will provide a complete turnkey solution for the delivery of all your LIVE interactive events to be accessed from the Mobile Phone, Tablet and Desktop globally in full HD where possible.


With Platform 3 you will have the opportunity to:


• Broadcast LIVE to those who cannot make it to the event

• Watch Music concerts, Festivals, Exhibitions, Sporting events, Conferences LIVE!

• Increase your opportunity to generate extra revenue, promote events, and more, all without the overhead and back office expenses

• Focus on your audience while we handle the delivery, monitoring, billing and technical support

• Broadcast Live channels as seen on your home TV 24/7

Platform 3 offers affordable startup costs, and you never have to buy unnecessary equipment. We take care of the whole solution end-to-end.

Platform 3 has servers that capture the video and audio feed from your venue in real time and then digitize the video and audio signal for millions to view LIVE on the mobile phone, tablet or home computer.

If you are interested in using Platform 3 to broadcast your content contact us using the contact form below.