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About us

Eidynica is the culmination of more than 25 years working in digital broadcast and software development.


The founder of Eidynica is responsible for developing technology to deliver video over the internet to desktop and mobile devices that is still in use after more than ten years.


Milestones include:


Building interactive WAP based sites for use on mobile devices from 2004.


Delivering stable live video broadcast to mobile phones and desktop computers as early as 2004.


Delivering on demand video content to the iPhone from 2007 using software developed in-house despite Apple themselves not knowing how to best implement video on the device.


Delivering native video content to Android devices from late 2008, the first few months of Android.


Developing a celebrity video greeting card service that delivered to mobile and desktop in over 50 different countries.


Built a full video streaming platform that successfully delivered live music events fro L.A. and New York featuring artists such as Demi Lovato and Avril Lavingne.


Implemented e-commerce solutions for selling a large range of products from pedal cycles, novels, tours to concert tickets and membership services.